I like the dino table.
— Everest (Westdale Co-op preschooler)

In the classroom:

Preschool is the start of an important new chapter in your child's life. It's an introduction to an educational environment, a chance to experience independence, and an opportunity to form friendships and build social skills. It helps children to prepare for a more formal education with ease.

In addition to our daily routines, our preschool offers a different focus for each day of the week.  This allows our children to look forward to special activities and to know what to expect each day.


Mondays - cooking day!

  • Children participate in cooking or baking activities and have a chance to develop skills, such as measuring, counting, turn taking, learning where food comes from, hygiene, trying new foods, and working together.



  • The class goes on outdoor community walks, invites guest speakers into the class, and goes on visits to local businesses.


Wednesdays - French circle time!

  • Children learn simple French songs, rhymes and vocabulary.  This is also an opportunity to discuss cultural similarities and differences with an emphasis on inclusion and embracing diversity.



  • Children learn through hands-on science inquiries, activities and experiments, as well as investigating nature through outdoor exploration and by bringing the wonders of nature into the classroom.
“I like playing chase in the gym.”
— Lyla (Westdale Co-op preschooler)
“I like the Monster game!”
— River (Westdale Co-op preschooler)

Flow of the day

* times are approximate as teachers respond to the specific needs and goings-on of each day

8:45-9:15AM flexible arrival Time

8:45-10:15AM - Preschool Room

  • Arrival (meet & greet, play-based centres)
  • Welcome circle (songs, calendar, alphabet, interest-based lesson/activity)
  • Play-based centres: dramatic/dress-up area and kitchen centre, puzzles, construction toys, cutting, pasting, colouring, alphabet printing, science activities, book centre
  • Focus of the Day (cooking, science investigation, French language, community connection)

10:15AM-10:45AM - Washroom Break & Snack Time (at Table in Gym)

  • Children help to prepare and serve the snack each day
  • Socialize and practice table manners

10:45AM-11:40AM - Gym Time

  • Children work together to help set up for gym activities following snack time
  • Gross motor activities - climber, riding toys, co-operative group games/sports
  • Play-based centres - painting; sensory bin (water/cornmeal/rice, ect), blocks, cars/trucks, musical instruments, etc

11:40AM-12pM - Preschool Room

  • Show & share (each child is encouraged to bring a show & share item each day)
  • Circle time with songs, games, stories
  • Good-bye song